Backflow Incense Burners

The cascade incense burners are designed to create a dense smoke that falls like water downwards, sometimes surprisingly pouring into the tanks below the first, a way of moving that will capture the attention.

The effect is even more accentuated by the dark and shiny color of the incense burner, which will make a strong contrast to the thick smoke of the cone incense.

Once the incense cone is lit, it will start producing smoke. This smoke is heavier than air and therefore will descend creating a cascade of smoke that will gather at the bottom of the incense burner, creating a continuous movement.

It is incredible to look at, very relaxing, almost hypnotic and a gentle breath will be enough to see this white waterfall disappear.

Use the special cones with the hole in the bottom to get the smoke pooling effect.

To get the best possible experience, in terms of smoke cascading effect yield, we suggest you use it in optimal conditions, in windless places.

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