Tempo del Sogno

Tempo del Sogno was born in 2008 the result of a great passion for craftsmanship, symbols, incense and holistic well-being.

We offer the possibility to find suitable products for the Body, Mind and Spirit, trying to maintain direct contact with the customer.

We try to best meet your needs.

In addition to the online shop, you can find us in many festivals, fairs and themed markets throughout the year.

For more information visit the page dedicated to the upcoming festivals.

The main products you can find on the site are:

  • Pendants, key rings, laser engraved bracelets in vegetal ivory and buffalo horn.
  • Chiamangeli
  • Copper, leather and hard stone bracelets
  • Steel rings
  • Natural incense from all over the world (incense cones, incense sticks, etc.)
  • Incense holder
  • Incense diffusers
  • Essential oils and liquid essences
  • Minerals and crystals
  • Wind Spinners
  • Wind Chimes
  • Candles
  • Salt Lamps
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