Salt lamps: properties and benefits

The salt lamps are not only decorative and useful objects to illuminate the house but they are also real natural dehumidifiers that see the presence of pink Himalayan salt inside.

The salt lamps that we find most commonly on sale have a pyramidal or cylindrical shape and emit an orange light.

The salt present in the lamps naturally absorbs moisture.

Salt lamps are manufactured with rock salt from the Himalayas, a salt that has naturally formed over millions of years due to the progressive rise of the mountain range and the retreat of the sea. These lamps emit an elegant and soft light.

Real salt lamps are a natural product that adapts to any type of environment. Small or larger lamps can be chosen depending on the size of the room to be illuminated or decorated. Salt lamps are made up of salt crystals that emit negative ions into the air.

Salt lamps are considered excellent tools for keeping home air healthy. Salt lamps are recommended to make the environment in which we live healthier from the air we breathe in the rooms of our home. Salt lamps have an ionizing effect that purifies the air giving a pleasant feeling of well-being. In particular, the use of a salt lamp promotes concentration and attention, improves productivity and stimulates the immune system, a set of benefits that make salt lamps suitable for use not only in our homes but also in the office.

The hue of the light emitted by the salt lamps has beneficial effects since, according to chromotherapy, the orange color is relaxing, it stimulates creativity and the joy of living. The salt lamps make the energy of the environment more stable, harmonious and light.

We summarize the properties and main benefits of salt lamps:

  • reduce the humidity of the environment
  • help purify the home air
  • charge the environment with positive energies
  • create a relaxing atmosphere
  • give off a pleasant soft light
  • promote concentration and productivity
  • stimulate creativity and joie de vivre
  • give a pleasant feeling of well-being
  • release negative ions into the air
  • stimulate the immune system
  • can help you breathe better in case of asthma and allergies
  • help protect us from electromagnetic pollution

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