What is crystal therapy?

What is crystal therapy?

Crystal therapy is an ancient method which involves the use of crystals and stones: crystals and stones are used to treat imbalances in the body and mind. More precisely, crystal therapy acts on the balance of the person's energy field. The purpose of crystal therapy is to harmonize and maintain physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Crystals, in particular, are able to emit purifying energies that are absorbed at the energy level by our body, like constant vibrations. The use of crystal therapy has ancient origins and is now widely used in India and Eastern countries.

There are different types of stones and crystals that are used in crystal therapy: each of these has a value and a meaning and are chosen based on the present moment that is being addressed.

Crystal therapy: therapy through the use of crystals

We are used to considering only everything we see and touch as existing: at the same time we consider something in motion, if our eyes perceive the actual movement. What we often overlook is what we are not able to see: the energy that runs through every minimum layer of matter is an example. We ourselves are made of energy and energy itself pervades everything.

The principle behind crystal therapy is precisely the ability to modify the energy of some bodies through the vibrations in movement emanating from the stone itself. Crystals and stones are minerals found in nature: they constitute the major component in our planet and in the entire universe. Crystals and stones are harmonic structures created by nature, capable of rearranging and rebalancing whatever energy comes into contact with them. Among the pathologies most cured with crystal therapy there are states of anxiety, stress and insomnia.

Crystals and stones absorb and emit energy that changes according to their shape and color and especially according to their chemical component.

Some examples of crystals and therapeutic stones:

  • tiger's eye: vibrates with the lower chakras and helps to develop will and optimism;
  • emerald: its green color brings the typical energy of nature, giving empathy and loving kindness;
  • lapis lazuli: they are splendid stones that have always been linked to spirituality and royalty: they improve creativity and communication skills;
  • topaz: it is a mineral linked to the hot energy of the sun: it gives the wearer practicality, optimism and joy;
  • rose quartz: also known as love stone, it helps to overcome old pains, to achieve good self-esteem and full acceptance of oneself.

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